With us you will find the right relaxation method for every need and can utilize them directly in our studio, but also at home or in the office. From classic hot stone massages, therapies with flavors and individual relaxation techniques you will find exactly the right method which allows you to increase your wellbeing and quality of life.


A wide range of massages

Our massages benefit you in a variety of ways and you can opt for a full body massage. Hot stone massage or body and souls. Our experienced team can recommend the optimal method for you in which you enter into a preliminary review about your particular needs and the physical and mental tension you experience. The combination of different massage techniques that are a  part of our portfolio are especially suitable for people who want to recharge their batteries and drain the stress of everyday life.

Home and office visits

If you cannot make it to visit us at the Relax Massage Studio. Or if you want to surprise your employees and have them enjoy maximum relaxation we will visit your office or home so you can receive a massage and relax in familiar surroundings. We also give tips for more peace of mind in everyday life and take care of your increased wellbeing. You can give our home and office visits as a gift. Vouchers are available to choose from, just let us know whom you are giving this healthy gift to.




Your body is exposed to toxins that accumulate daily along with stresses and strains. Your body must do a good job to compensate and expel toxins from your body. A detoxification regime is beneficial to your body and mind and will allow you to feel much younger and fresh, energetic and motivated. Treat yourself to an occasional detox and use our offer, which allows you to feel much better within a short period of time.