Refreshing foot and leg massage


Throughout the day you stand on your legs, strain the feet and shift your weight on these body parts. Many people are unaware of how much the burden on the feet and legs really is. An occasional massage does not just look good and boosts blood circulation, but also provides for new strength and relieves stress on your back.

For professions that require long periods of standing, you should give the foot and leg relaxation methods special consideration and help to avoid varicose veins, as well as remove tensions and deformities due to poor and non-ergonomic stress prevention. Narrow and pointed shoes, high heels or non-breathable materials can have a negative impact in the long run on your health. A professional foot and leg massage refreshes your skin, stimulates blood circulation and will make you light on your feet.

Our professional therapists take care of you with their experience and know-how to keep your feet and legs, which are too often neglected in great shape.